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Make Your Mailbox the Envy of Your Street with this Stunning DIY Swag!

Make this and your mailbox will be the prettiest one on the street this fall!

I will show you the steps I used to make my mailbox the prettiest mailbox on the street this fall!

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Build your base:

Begin with a cube of styrofoam, this one was 4.8″ x 4.8″ x 4.8″ square piece to create this fall mailbox swag.

Decorate Your Mailbox for Fall with this simple DIY

Cut out one corner of the square and set it aside to save for a future craft.  This will leave you with a “V” or “L” piece of styrofoam.  There are a variety of ways to cut your styrofoam. I have tried the special styrofoam cutters, but I have found these knives to be the easiest.

Decorate Your Mailbox for Fall with this simple DIY

Use this technique to secure pieces of wire to the styrofoam. Push a piece of stiff floral wire through the foam in two different spots about an inch apart. Then use something like this paper wrapped wire bent into the “W” shape. You need to do this to keep the wire from pulling through the styrofoam. The wire will cut through the styrofoam without that.

You are going to do that in both of the spots where the arrows have indicated. The long pieces of the wire should hang down beneath the upside down “V” of styrofoam as shown below. Make sure you use the same technique on the underside so those wires do not cut through the bottom of the foam, either.

Take this out and see if this will fit on your mailbox. You will extend the length of the wires to secure them beneath the mailbox. The wires are what will hold this on your mailbox.

Time to decorate:

I couldn’t take my mailbox indoors, so I used this small plastic container to use as a stand in for the mailbox while I styled my decoration.

Decorate Your Mailbox for Fall with this simple DIY

You will want to cover the wires. Select a coordinated ribbon that is wide enough to cover the wires. Secure the ribbon to the styrofoam with floral pins.  Don’t count on the ribbon with the pins to hold this on your mailbox, though. The ribbon is just for decoration, it is not to hold the swag on your mailbox.

Decorate Your Mailbox for Fall with this simple DIY

Use any fall picks, florals and artificial fall leaves you would like to make your fall mailbox swag. You can find most everything you need for this at your local dollar store. Select things with stiff stems that will push right into the styrofoam. You want to make sure they are secure and don’t slip out.

Decorate Your Mailbox for Fall with this simple DIY

Continue to build your mailbox swag by adding fall leaves. Make sure you turn the piece around and add to all sides. This will be viewed from all sides and you don’t want any holes in your arrangement.

Decorate Your Mailbox for Fall with this simple DIY

Here is a view from the top as I built up my swag.

Decorate Your Mailbox for Fall with this simple DIY

Don’t hesitate to add some fun fall picks including faux pumpkins! If you don’t find pumpkins on stems, you can pierce the pumpkin with a wood stick and push the wood stick into the styrofoam to secure the pumpkins into the swag.

Decorate Your Mailbox for Fall with this simple DIY

Sunflowers are a great nod to the fall season along with some pretty fall mums and autumn colored berries.

Decorate Your Mailbox for Fall with this simple DIY

Once again, turn your swag around to make sure there are no exposed spots of styrofoam like this:

Decorate Your Mailbox for Fall with this simple DIY

When you are confident the swag is full all the way around, you are ready to attach it to your mailbox!

Decorate Your Mailbox for Fall with this simple DIY

Take your swag outside and put it on your mailbox. Using the wires, twist them tightly together beneath your mailbox. Use the ribbon to cover the wires. Enjoy having the prettiest mailbox on the street this fall!

Decorate Your Mailbox for Fall with this simple DIY

Decorate Your Mailbox for Fall with this simple DIY

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Surprise your mailman and your neighbors with the prettiest mailbox on the street this fall with a fall decorated mailbox!

Christmas will be coming, and you might want to decorate your mailbox like my Christmas mailbox!  

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  1. It turned out so very pretty . I love it . I bet your is the prettiest mailbox on the street . Hugs and blessings, Cindy

    1. Thank you Cindy…I am going to put it out this week and will probably switch it out for Halloween then put it back out in November!

    2. Did you take the ribbon and try the ribbon to the bottom of your mail box? I can see the ribbon looks longer than the box so I just wondered what you did since I saw the wires also. Going to try to do 1 for the next 3 months!

      1. I actually used wire to secure it beneath the mailbox, and then I hid the wire with ribbon.

  2. Lovely! Some years ago I had an arrangement I purchased for the mailbox that had velcro strips running under it to secure it to the box. It lasted several seasons before it fell apart.

  3. This is absolutely lovely! I will have to check my stash for supplies. This arrangement could be made for any season. Thanks for the idea!

  4. Chloe, that’s beautiful but there is an easier way. Those cemetery forms that you make for monuments with a block of Styrofoam in the center and wire loops on each end will work. Decorate the center piece and bend the loops around your mailbox. Long leaves will cover the loops.
    Yes, you will have the prettiest mail box in Celebration. I love it.

    1. Thanks for the idea Myrna! I will have to check out the size and see if I can make it fit!

  5. Laurie Franklin says:

    Hi Chloe!
    Your mailbox is sooooo pretty!
    I am going to copy it for a regular kind of mailbox!
    Thank you for sharing it.

  6. Your neighbors must be so inspired with all of your decor. This is a great idea and I’m looking forward to all of the transformations on your mailbox. And yes, you can start on the Christmas decor anytime!

    1. My next door neighbor did ask if I was selling the things! Thank you so much for your kind complements!

  7. l love your mail box it really is so pretty l live in England and we don’t have mail boxes but seeing yours l really wish we did its beautiful

    1. Thank you Lynda. It is kind of sad that they are doing away with so many mailboxes. I feel fortunate that I still have a traditional mailbox at the street!

  8. Louise Labriola Matotek says:

    Beautiful mailbox enhancer. How does it hold up in the weather my mailbox is at the curb,,

    1. I li ve in Florida, but my mailbox is also at the curb . I don’t get snow, but I get plenty of wind and rain and it has been holding up fine.

  9. Rhonda M. says:

    Watching from Calvert City, Kentucky.

  10. Looks lovely. But I am not sure how you actually attached it to the mailbox. Can you help?

    1. The wires I attached to the styrofoam need to be attached to additional wire or to zip ties that are wrapped underneath your mailbox. The ribbon is just to cover the wires, just for decoration.

  11. Terri Hillius says:

    Love it, but I can tell you don’t live in Cut Bank, Montana.

  12. Terri Hillius says:

    I live five miles out and no protection for my mailbox.

    1. I don’t have any protection from the weather here in Florida and mine has held up just fine.

  13. Elizabeth Echevarria says:

    Chloe! You did an awesome job. You are a sweet inspiration too! I will try this project, it’s simply gorgeous!

    1. Thank you so very much Elizabeth! Have you made yours? I would love to see a picture!

  14. Barbara Jones says:

    loved your fall decoration for the mail box first time viewing really enjoyed

  15. Jann Olson says:

    Chloe, this is so cute! I’ve decorated my mailbox for Christmas, but never fall. Our mailbox is not in front of our home. It’s across the street. They are all together so the mailman can drive by and fill them all. Still, I am going to do this. Thanks for sharing with SYC. I will be featuring you tomorrow.

  16. I love the Ideas on the mailbox can’t wait to try. I am from Georgia

    1. Thank you Frances! I put mine on my mailbox today! September is here and I am ready!

  17. Marcia Dirks-Konopka says:

    Love this creative way to make the outside arrangement Can’t wait to make one with my daughter in law ! Thank you!!

  18. Karen Green says:

    Your beautiful mailbox inspired me! I started making it tonight and it is so very pretty. I can’t wait to put it on my mailbox!& I just haven’t figured out yet how to attach the wires to attach it to the mailbox. Do I just add on to the original ones that I put in like yours with the covered M? I’ll be following your blog all the time now-thank you!!


    1. Hi Karen! Thank you for your kind words, I am so glad I inspired you! Yes, you just extend the wires with additional pieces to reach under your mailbox and secure it with those wires. Good luck and thanks for the follow!

  19. Beautiful. Baton Rouge. LA

  20. Thank you Chloe for the wonderful mailbox idea. It was simply beautiful. This is the first time I have watched. Will watch you again.
    Deborah Frasher
    Cincinnati, Ohio

  21. Vera Barnez says:

    I truly enjoed this demonstration. I will definitely try it.

  22. Jenna Hunter says:

    I really liked your tips on how to decorate my mailbox. This would be really fun to add to my mailbox once we get one. I really want a fancy mailbox with some steel decorations that I am going to talk to a professional about.

    1. Oh, that sounds pretty! Our HOA only allows simple black mailboxes, so I like to decorate mine for holidays.

  23. Leslie C Cummings says:

    Love this – tried it last year and it was very pretty, but with the wind and rain in fall in Chicago, it broke apart – in half – before the season was over. Going to us the decor I bought to do something different with it this year. Love a good mailbox decoration!

  24. Mine turned out great until someone stole it☹️

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