Kitchen Island Centerpiece Decor Ideas

With my new kitchen I have been asked how I style or decorate my large island. The kitchen is the heart of the home, so it is going to be seen all of the time. I have some easy tips on how to display items, decorate or create a centerpiece you will be happy with having on your kitchen island. It only takes a little creativity to make the center of your island the the focal point of your kitchen.

What is size is your island?

Certainly you want to take into consideration the size of your island. Don’t fill up a small island with oversized items that take up valuable countertop space.

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Using tiered trays for kitchen island decor.

Tiered trays are always a great way to add decorative items to your island but still keep everything corralled in a small area. Using a tiered trays is one way to add height to your island display. Tiered trays come in different sizes and in different shapes and styles! I keep a couple of different ones in my party and display pantry so that I can have options. An array of vintage finds can be charming when displayed on a tiered tray.

One of my favorite ways to celebrate the fall season is by using a tiered tray with faux pumpkins and natural elements. You can see more of how I used decorative objects for this at Fall Tiered Tray Decor.

If you don’t want to gather the items yourself, an easy way is to buy a ready made collection just perfect for display perfect for every season or holiday!

A wooden cutting board makes a great base.

A wooden cutting board is not just for food preparation, it is a great place to keep small plates ready for quick and easy snacking.

Seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Fresh fruits or vegetables may be displayed in a large bowl or in wicker baskets to serve as an easy spot to use them when preparing meals.

Adding height to your kitchen island countertop.

In addition to tiered trays, there are a number of ways to add some height to your kitchen decor. A tall vase or a cake stand gets your decorative items up and on a different plane. My marble cake stands came from Frontgate. I added the glass domes at a later date.

If you don’t always have treats around to display, I have found these wonderful faux sweets available on Etsy! I know my granddaughters were wishing they were real!

More great ideas for kitchen counter decor:

Rotate the items you are going to display with the seasons and holidays.
What you choose to display may depend on the size of your island.
Anything you might display on your dining table might be something to consider displaying on your kitchen island.
No matter if it is fresh fruits or fresh flowers, natural items are always a good idea.
Consider a pretty bowl with or without anything tucked inside it.
A collection of candle holders can be charming on display.

There are so many different ways to express your style, you can incorporate these ideas on your kitchen island or even on your coffee table!

My favorite home decor store, William Sonoma has beautiful decorative bowls like this one which would look beautiful on a kitchen island.

I hope you have been inspired by these kitchen island ideas and choose your favorite ideas from today’s post or come up with some of your own!

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