How to Make Amazing Golden Treats

Golden treats, I thought, could I make those to keep the gold up with my Academy Awards party theme?  I first tried using spray colors for cookies last Fall for my Autumn leaf cookies.  I was so impressed with how the cookies turned out.  When it came time for creating some golden desserts for my Academy Awards party, I thought I would try out the sprays again.  I purchased Wilton Color Mist and I couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out.  If you are looking for a way to add some sparkle to your desserts, perhaps for a silver or gold wedding anniversary celebration, these color sprays might be just the thing to give your desserts a little “pop”.


I spent so much time on my decor and savory foods that I wanted some shortcuts for my desserts.  I purchased these meringue puffs and used the gold spray on them.  I sprayed the top of them and while the color mist was still damp I dipped them into some gold sugar, using coarse gold sugar on some of them and sanding sugar on the rest.  They looked beautiful on my table.


I kind of wanted my brownies to crack a little more on the top to have the contrast between the dark chocolate and the gold, but of course, when you want your brownies to crack, they don’t.  The brownies with the gold spray almost look like little bars of gold.  I know I will be using these color sprays again.  I am looking forward to trying the silver, perhaps for a Frozen-themed party!  I hope you have a chance to try out these sprays and create something special for an upcoming event.  I think this is only the beginning for what I could do to make golden treats for a variety of parties!

I’ll be sharing at the following link parties:  On Display Thursday | A Creative Princess: It’s A Party  |Party in Your PJ’s

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