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DIY Christmas Ornament Topiary

I have been wanting to make a Christmas ornament topiary for some time, but have found it difficult to find the right combination of ornaments.  I finally settled on these red and gold ones and went to work!  To tell the truth, I have had these ornaments for a few weeks now, but on this particular day my Mother informed me that my Dad had been feisty, and didn’t I have a project for him!  This is what sometimes happens when your parents live in the apartment above your garage.  DIY Ornament Topiary

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It is always surprising to look back at a project and realize that I forgot to take a picture of the ornaments before I began working on them!  Choose a selection of at least three graduated sizes of ornaments, using shatterproof or plastic ornaments for your topiary.

DIY Christmas Ornament TopiaryMy Dad simply pulled the tops off of the ornaments.  Some came off easier than others.  DIY Christmas Ornament TopiaryI could have drilled the holes, but thought that melting a hole might be a better way to make the holes to accommodate the half inch dowel rod that I used to support my topiary.  I had an old glue gun that I made sure had no glue in.  I turned the glue gun in and held it against the ornament until a hole began to be melted through the shell of the ornament.  DIY Christmas Ornament TopiaryThis is what I have, not really all that pretty, but this will be hidden when the ornaments are stacked together.  If any plastic builds up on the outside of the ornament, use the hot glue gun to melt it and a box cutter to scrape it off so that the ornaments can fit together tightly.  DIY Christmas Ornament TopiaryYou can see that my second ornament had a ridge that needed to be removed.  I used a combination of melting and box cutter to remove that so that the ornaments would fit tightly.  If you scratch your ornaments at all or can’t get them snug enough, you can always add some glitter or decorative beads to hide and irregularities.  DIY Christmas Ornament Topiary

Truth be told, I am very happy to have my Mom and Dad so close by and to have my Dad’s help with some of my projects.

DIY Christmas Ornament TopiaryI am going to put my topiary in one of my urns by my front door.  I usually have sansevieria in these pots, but I pulled them out and put them in the back yard for the holiday season.  DIY Christmas Ornament Topiary 

This is how the inside of my urn looks, the foam and the rocks surround my plant when it is in the urn, for this application, I wedged a square of styrofoam firmly into the urn.  DIY Christmas Ornament Topiary

This is how my topiary looks.  If not holding the bottom ornament, they would slide right down the dowel.  The dowel I used is three feet long.  I did not have to cut mine, but you might have to trim one down depending upon the depth of the container you are putting your topiary into.

DIY Christmas Ornament Topiary

I could simply push my dowel down through the cube of styrofoam and down to the bottom of the urn.  DIY Christmas Ornament TopiaryI found that my urn was not quite deep enough to support my topiary where I wanted it, so I added two small blocks of dry floral foam, one in front and one in the back of my topiary.  DIY Christmas Ornament TopiaryI added a garland to the base of the topiary, tucking it into the urn so it will not come loose.  DIY Christmas Ornament Topiary

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  1. Chloe, I love these. I just purchased some of these (completed) after lusting over them in a catalog for years. Having your dad to be able to help you make these is wonderful, and they turned out very nice, at a fraction of the cost!

    1. Thank you Rita! I just couldn’t bring myself to pay what they are asking for them! Having my dad close by is such a blessing and he really likes having projects to work on…he keeps me hopping!

  2. Chloe,
    What are the sizes of the ornaments? You did such a beautiful job of putting them together, they look perfect.
    Also, what is the diameter of the dowel?
    This is such a great project with fantastic results. I love it!

    1. Thank you Louise…The dowel is 1/2 diameter, 36 inches long. The one on the bottom is an 8″ ornament, the next two are 6″ ornaments. The ornament on the top is about 5″ tall. I hope that helps!

  3. I had trouble locating the two large sized shatterproof ornaments at our Michaels. Do you know the diameter sizes of the two larger red ornaments. I had to go to plan B in my two front porch black similar urns because I never found the larger sized round ball ornaments in any color. I was very upset n

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